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The Festival of Trees was a Big Success!

The weather wasn’t frightful, although LA had just experienced some horrific winds.  On December 2nd,  Sweet Charities San Fernando Valley descended on ONEGeneration in Reseda and proceeded to decorate trees.  We were joined by many other volunteers from various organizations located in the valley.  The trees were to be auctioned off the next day and the proceeds given to M.A.P.S Charities (for Seniors) and ONEGeneration a thriving senior center.

Whereas some tree decorators started off with a specific plan, that yielded spectacular results, the Sweet Charities tree spent a good bit of time in dis-array.  Ornaments had been donated by the dozen in every shape and color.  Finally we managed to put together a fun and amazing tree complete with a pouffy bow on top.

On December 3rd, all the trees were in place along with a multitude of vendors offering unique handmade gifts.  We were in charge of the Sweets table.  It was called the Sweet Charities Sweet Shoppe.  Homemade cookies and bakery goods along with coffee and cocoa were being eaten and enjoyed all day . . . and night.

The Sweet Charities  dressed in our signature pink and black bowling shirts with matching pink Santa hats.  Below are just a couple of shots from our event.

Rebecca Renee and Robyn Festival of Trees

Rebecca Olkowski, Renee Harvey and Robyn Cottier

Star Tomlinson Festival of Trees

Star Tomlinson with The Drain Company Tree

Gail and Star Festival of Trees

Gail Lara of  Made in the Valley – The Valley Girls Grew Up and Star Tomlinson

Gail Lara at Festival of Trees

Gail Lara (right) and friend

Kristine Cherry at Festival of Trees

Kristine Cherry who was also a vendor who featured  handmade parasols and jewelry

More pictures coming.  Check out our Facebook Page.


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